Tip #4 of the Top10 Tips for a More Confident Performance–Make Friends with Your Belly

March 1, 2020

Tip #4 of the Top10 Tips for a More Confident Performance–Make Friends with Your Belly

The title of this tip might sound odd but just about everything related to good singing is centered in your belly.

And because most of us have mixed feelings about our belly (you know what I’m talking about), we have to relearn to love our bellies in order to sing with confidence.

You may have heard that you should be breathing from your belly or singing from your diaphragm but has anyone ever told you exactly how to make either of these concepts happen automatically when you sing? Probably not.

When I was younger I was repeatedly told to “focus the energy” in my belly, “bring the air from down below,” “sing more from your diaphragm, not from your throat,” or one of many other “helpful hints” that didn’t help–because they’re not instructions, they’re just commands.

These are about as valuable as someone telling you,“just sing better.”

If all it takes is being commanded to do something different, then we’d all be singing the way we want to right now. But you already know that hasn’t worked for you. It doesn’t work for anyone.

You have to be given the “how” of singing with confidence or the “what” is useless.

This is why I created my Bosnian Belly Breathing™ method to jump-start your body into breathing the way you were born to.

I didn’t invent belly breathing–Nature did. But I’ve created a way to teach your body todo it automatically when you sing so that you’ll never run out of air.

No guessing how to do it, no hoping you’re doing it right–simple and specific instructions on how to breathe more efficiently than you are now.

The same goes for “singing with support,”“projecting,” “singing from the diaphragm,’ etc.

My Peak Power Projection™ method guides you to creating power with your abdominal muscles instead of your throat muscles, shows you the secret to projection that is missing in 95% of singers, and takes the guess work out of “owning your power”when you sing.

The essence of “making friends with your belly” is to learn what your belly’s role is in singing and teach it exactly how to do what’s needed.

Only then can you stop being a “hopeful singer,” (“I hope my voice works,” “I hope I can hit the high notes, “I hope I sing in tune”) and become an intentional singer–sounding the way you intend to every time you sing. 

Want to be a confident singer who makes a powerful connection with the audience?  Start making friends with your belly today…..

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Mark Bosnian

Mark is an award-winning songwriter and professional voice coach with 30+ years of experience teaching people how to take center stage. He has toured nationally with the 80's hit band Nu Shooz and coached Grammy award nominees, American Idol semifinalists, and singers on The Tonight Show.