What The Masked Singer Tells Us

September 6, 2019

I’m sure the executives of the Fox TV show The Masked Singer had no idea that the show was teaching the audience an important principle: when people are watching a live performance, they hear more with their eyes than with their ears.

Expectations of what you’ll sound like creep into our psyche from visual cues. The way you walk onto the stage, the way you’re dressed, and the way you carry yourself create all sorts of filters through which we’ll hear you.

Be animated and expressive, with facial gestures and body movement–you’ll “sound better” than if you’re standing immobile and expressionless. When you look confident, your audience will perceive you as sounding more confident.

Take away what people can see, and suddenly the audience can’t pre-judge. And that’s exactly what happens on The Masked Singer. Yes, the audience and judges can watch the singers move, but the non-verbal cues from their faces are invisible.

What this highlights is how important it is to make sure your face, hands and body reflect what you’re singing about. This helps you tell the story of the song and connect more powerfully with your audience. 

And if you make a mistake, don’t telegraph it with a grimace or any other movement. Practice screwing up in front of a mirror so you can eliminate telltale signs of a mistake.

Remember, singers–we hear you more with our eyes than our ears…

Mark Bosnian

Mark is an award-winning songwriter and professional voice coach with 30+ years of experience teaching people how to take center stage. He has toured nationally with the 80's hit band Nu Shooz and coached Grammy award nominees, American Idol semifinalists, and singers on The Tonight Show.